Sleepless's Cave

Hello my name is Sleepless and welcome to my new website :p

Since this is my first website, I'll be introducing myself and showing you guys pictures of projects in my computers class this semester.

we went to Granvelle Island, it is currently located in Vancouver British Columbia.

My names Erica Yu and I am currently 13 year old, i attend a highschool in Vancouver but I am not going to reveal which one or else one of you guys will probably come stalk be or something, But anyways I really like to draw and paint though sometimes i get a lot of Art blocks which can be very annoying and i end up not drawing or painting at all. I also really like to read books, especially romance and horror. Those are some really unusual combination but I really like it. Especially when the book is a romance and a horror.

Here is a list my computer projects for this year.

Project 1 & 2 – Calendar & Silhouette

Project 3 & 4 – Self-portrait & Shape designing

Project 5 & 6 – Isometric Scene & School brochure

Project 7 & 8 Granville Island & Art Gallery